A quick chat with one of our experts will help you understand how your business can do great things with data.


AWS Partnership with Peak

Who are Peak?

Peak is the pioneer of artificial intelligence for business, delivering data-driven insights which allow its customers to do great things with data.

Working with companies from across a number of sectors, most notably retail and industry, Peak specialises in enabling businesses to grow their revenues and profits using the power of AI and machine learning.

Client Stories

We helped Regit ahieve a 27% increase in sales within 30 days. We’ve also been able to help reduce operational costs by up to 35% by simply staffing the call-centre at the times of day most likely to result in a sale to a user or customer. Not only are regit now offering improved services to their customers, increasing their satisfaction levels, they have also been able to grow revenues in doing so.

Leaf is South America’s most popular music streaming service. Utilising the power of AWS and machine learning, we increased their user base by 97% in just four months. Our work with Leaf has shown us just what can be done with big data analysis in business today. Not only have Leaf been able to grow faster, but we’ve allowed them to make better decisions and optimise marketing spend in ways that they previously couldn’t.

Peak announced as a ML consulting partner at AWS Summit 2018 London

Peak and AWS

Peak is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner who, with a wealth of accredited AWS expertise and a highly-skilled team of data scientists, is a perfect fit for AWS’s big data and AI and machine learning services.

With over five years of experience as an AWS partner, the platform sits proudly at the core of the Peak business model. Utilising numerous AWS services, including API Gateway, Lambda, EMR and SageMaker, Peak has been able to help businesses better understand and grow their customer base, become more efficient and make invaluable real-time predictions.

By combining the power of AWS with our in-house team’s knowledge, skills and tools, we are able to take solutions from POC stage to production in a matter of months, rather than years.

We’ve achieved some incredible results over a short period of time for our clients, all through the power of AWS.

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Peak gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have.

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A quick chat with one of our experts will help you understand how your business can do great things with data.