Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials

Raw material inventory level and reorder point recommendations to help planners avoid stockouts and hit target service levels.

Big inventories, bigger problems

Supply shortages and volatile demand are the new normal for complex supply chains. That means you can’t quite trust your forecasts like you used to. A lot of businesses compensate by building bigger inventories to avoid stockout, but that ties up working capital, piles on storage costs and risks obsolescence.

Thankfully, there’s a more sensible solution.

Don’t panic, Peak’s here

The Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials application, connects with real-time data across your whole business in one easy-to-use platform, using AI to create accurate demand forecasts. You’ll know exactly when and how much to re-order to avoid stockouts and unplanned downtime. That means you can make faster and smarter decisions.

Not an AI expert? Don’t worry. Peak does the work for you, with a massive team of data scientists on-hand who understand your industry.

Effective inventory management

Finely tune inventory levels for every raw material in your business:

  • Keep production lines running

  • Avoid stockouts

  • Reduce working capital tied up in inventory

  • Decrease storage costs

  • Reduce obsolescence

  • Hit sales & service targets

  • Maximize OTIF performance

Under the hood

Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials is built on Peak. It accurately forecasts demand so you can set target raw material inventory levels at each site, balancing production, sales, service, and availability with the costs of holding too much inventory.

See Dynamic Inventory: Raw Materials in action