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Pricing Optimization

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Pricing that helps you win

Our business-to-business Pricing Optimization solution instantly recommends pricing for high transaction and repeat purchase buying situations.

CODI, Peak’s Connected Decision Intelligence system, optimizes complex purchase orders or pricing where multiple quotes are needed, along with multiple line items. CODI uses AI to model price elasticity and recommend optimal prices for each quote line, in order to maximize margin and conversion.

Peak helps you use your experience over all products, not just a few. This helps speed up employee onboarding, avoid over-discounting, improve the customer experience, and increase revenue.

More sales, faster sales cycle

Marshalls is the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer of natural stone and innovative concrete products.

Read about how Marshalls is using Pricing Optimization to provide instantaneous bid decisions, that enhance the customer experience, and accelerate the sales cycle.

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A look into the future

CODI combines once siloed data from across your business and enriches it with AI. CODI uses the data to recommend the optimal price for your business objectives and maximum conversion.

  • Inputs

    To get you the most accurate results, CODI combines data about the customer, product, quote, competitor pricing, and competitor products.

  • Predictions

    Once your data is combined and enriched with AI in CODI, it's used in analysis models to predict the price elasticity of each product.

  • Outputs

    CODI then recommends the optimal price that ensures maximum margin and sales conversion.

What decisions can be transformed?

How much should I charge for the list price?

How much should I charge for the list price?

How much should I charge for the quote price?

How much should I charge for the quote price?

How much should I charge for the sales price?

How much should I charge for the sales price?

Should I approve or reject the large discount offered?

Should I approve or reject the large discount offered?

Pricing decisions at the click of a button

  • Increased margins and revenue

    Don’t give away margin unnecessarily. Through price elasticity modeling, CODI can provide real time pricing recommendations.

  • Improved efficiency

    CODI helps automate pricing, enabling quicker and more accurate pricing decisions.

  • Faster onboarding

    CODI ensures consistency in pricing, reducing the time needed to train new sales professionals.

  • Improved customer experience

    With instantaneous pricing recommendations, you can quickly respond to customers pricing questions.

  • Faster sales cycle

    CODI takes the manual pricing calculation admin out of the sales process, reducing the time it takes to complete a sale.

Marshalls: The digital transformation journey

Hear from Marshalls' AI Solutions architect, Andy Carney.

Introducing Customer Intelligence

Pricing Optimization is a part of our wider sales and marketing application – Customer Intelligence.

It’s designed to help businesses drive rapid return on investment and tangible outcomes, focused on both customer acquisition and retention.

Discover some of the other ways we can help you know your customers like never before, generate demand, and grow sales.

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