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Buying Optimization

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Super smart buying decisions, to keep your business moving

Our Buying Optimization solution works with your planning systems to supercharge your sourcing strategy with artificial intelligence (AI) – helping to ensure supply and reduce costs.

Peak’s Decision Intelligence platform considers demand, lead times, minimum order quantities, and sourcing constraints like price and volume escalations. Our platform then recommends the optimal sourcing strategy, determining what to buy, when to buy, what quantity, and what supplier to choose.

Peak helps purchasing managers buy at the lowest price, without compromising quality and supplier reliability, in order to reduce disruption, working capital, and waste.

A world with painless purchasing

Peak's platform augments your judgement, by combining and enriching your data with AI, to predict future demand for materials. So you know what stock to buy, from which supplier, and how much to pay, in real time.

  • Inputs

    To get you the most accurate results, Peak combines data about inventory, demand, supplier performance, capacity, logistics, financial, and customers.

  • Predictions

    Once your data is combined and enriched with AI in the platform, it's used in analysis models that create demand forecasts for materials and dynamically adapts to supply chain configurations.

  • Outputs

    The platform, taking into account your specific business objectives, recommends what to buy, how much to buy, and from which supplier.

What decisions can be transformed?

What materials do I need to purchase, and what quantity is needed?

What materials do I need to purchase, and what quantity is needed?

Which supplier should I purchase from?

Which supplier should I purchase from?

When is the best time to buy the materials?

When is the best time to buy the materials?

How much should I pay?

How much should I pay?

Supercharged sourcing strategy

  • Reduced working capital

    Peak makes real time purchasing recommendations, so you can match your inventory to actual demand and reduce over stocking.

  • Improved customer service

    Improved resilience of supply, ensures you always have the materials you need to deliver to your customers in-full and on-time.

  • Less time spent on manual decision-making

    Our platform takes seconds to analyse masses of granular data, providing you with accurate insights, tailored to your business goals.

  • Lower buying costs

    Peak combines internal and external data, to provide up-to-date recommendations that augment your purchasing decisions. So for every purchase, you never pay more than you need to.

Marshalls: The digital transformation journey

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Introducing Supply Intelligence

Buying Optimization is part of our wider supply planning application – Supply Intelligence.

It’s designed to help businesses improve supply chain resilience and minimize the environmental impact of their decisions, by increasing forecasting accuracy, optimizing inventory levels, and reducing waste, while driving profitability.

Discover some of the other ways we can help you supercharge your supply chain, to maximize profit.

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