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Supply Intelligence

A holistic view of your supply chain, all the time

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Everything you need to supercharge your supply chain with Decision Intelligence

  • AI-ready data

    Collect and combine your data from any source and start generating intelligence using our Peak platform. Peak fits in alongside your existing technology.

  • Centralized intelligence

    Peak allows you to gain a unified view of demand to fulfill orders and optimize replenishment, augmented with AI-driven predictions and forecasts.

  • Flexible outputs

    Drive tangible outcomes and results via APIs, dashboards or apps – helping you make great supply chain decisions, all the time.

A slick supply chain, driven by Decision Intelligence

Distribution Resource Planning

We can ensure the right SKUs are sent to the right node, reducing logistics costs, increasing service levels, optimizing capacity, and reducing management time spent on working out the optimal distribution of SKUs.

Buying Optimization

Buying Optimization

Ensure supply whilst minimizing working capital and purchase price. Spend less management time working out optimal buying, and instead use an AI-driven model that can scenario plan on different demands and contractual obligations.

Transform your business with Decision Intelligence

Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

Peak can power your entire supply chain

Peak is a new kind of Decision Intelligence platform, built to change the way make decisions across your supply chain.

A first of its kind, Peak can help you eliminate bottlenecks, increase efficiency, and improve sustainability.

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Outcome-driven, always

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Inventory | Retail

Supply chain agility powered by AI

By Will Dutton on November 30, 2020

Peak can help you drive outcomes across your business

Supercharge the supply and demand cycle to maximize profit

Increase forecasting and rebuying accuracy to drive profitability, avoid stockouts, optimize inventory sell-through, and reduce wastage.

Get more from your sales and marketing with AI

Drive rapid return on investment and tangible outcomes focused on both customer acquisition and retention.

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