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What is Ad Optimization?

Peak’s Ad Optimization solution is designed to help businesses drive higher returns from digital advertising, by leveraging their data with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Regain control of your ad spend from Google and Facebook and power intelligent, AI-powered campaigns which drive cost-effective customer acquisition.

12% increase in clicks

Did a PPC ad bring you here? Then you’ve already seen our Ad Optimization solution at work. Read more about how Peak is using Ad Optimization.

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Key features

Budget and bid management

Optimize budgets 365 24/7 across campaigns, at global and individual level. Fine-tune bid adjustments according to variables such as devices, demographics, clicks and conversions.

Dynamic goal setting

Set specific optimization goals, such as maximizing conversions, clicks or impressions. Goals are set at cross-campaign level and at individual campaign level in order to fine-tune your advertising.

Leverage your data

Utilize Peak’s Predictive Customer View to better understand your customers. Predict their product preferences and propensity to purchase, and maximize your ROAS with PCV-informed, optimized campaigns.

Peak makes it easy to get started with AI

  • Get rapid results with AI, no matter how messy your data is

  • Start with one solution, prove ROI, and then roll out enterprise-wide AI

  • Easy onboarding and ongoing support from our team of experts

Introducing Customer Intelligence

Ad Optimization is an intrinsic component of our wider marketing application stack – Customer Intelligence. It’s designed to help businesses get more from their marketing in terms of customer acquisition and retention. Discover some of the other ways we can help your business to optimize processes across your entire marketing mix.

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