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Customer Intelligence

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All the tools you need to realize Decision Intelligence

  • AI-ready data

    Collect, clean and combine your data from any source and start generating intelligence using Peak. The Peak platform fits in alongside your existing technology.

  • Centralized intelligence

    Peak unifies your data to gain a clearer understanding of your customers, and automatically predicts what they want, and when they’re looking to buy.

  • Flexible outputs

    Drive tangible outcomes and results via APIs, dashboards or apps – helping you make great commercial decisions, all the time.

What can you do with Decision Intelligence from Peak?


AI-driven segmentation and recommendations that consider your entire value chain. Increase purchase frequency, average order value, new customer acquisition and customer experience.

Ad Optimization

It’s time for you to call the shots. Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and regain control of your advertising spend.

Pricing Optimization

Hit the pricing sweet spot, every time. Use real-time quote optimization to increase conversions, maximize margin and save you time.

Transform your business with Decision Intelligence

Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

Peak, your new AI platform

The Peak platform enables you to rapidly deploy AI applications, harnessing the true potential of your customer data thanks to its unique outcome focussed features and architecture.

With Peak, your sales and marketing teams will be able to use AI to guide every single decision.

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Transformational benefits at every turn

  • Grow revenues and profits

  • Attract more high value customers

  • Reduce acquisition costs

  • Increase marketing ROI

  • Deliver relevant, contextual advertising

  • Personalize every customer touchpoint

  • Increase brand loyalty and LTV

  • Reduce churn

  • Increase average order value

  • Enable multi-channel optimization

Driving results, all the time

Think big, start small, move fast

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Decision Intelligence can drive growth across your business

Create an efficient, effective supply chain with Artificial Intelligence

Reduce costs through better operational foresight, enabling more optimized warehouse operations and logistics processes.

Supercharge the supply and demand cycle to maximize profit

Increase forecasting and rebuying accuracy to drive profitability, avoid stockouts, optimize inventory sell-through, and reduce wastage.

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