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The State of AI Report 2022

Artificial intelligence is already becoming a powerhouse, and changing the way we work.

Peak’s State of AI 2022 report surveyed 775 decision makers from the UK, US and India, all from businesses with over 100 staff.

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Accelerate your AI adoption

Peak gives you the technology, accelerators and support you need to rapidly adopt and realize value from AI and Decision Intelligence.


Peak is a modern cloud AI platform that builds more than just models; it builds and runs commercially focussed Decision Intelligence applications that deliver business value, fast.


Our pre-built applications deliver outcomes across a range of use cases, giving you both the speed of adoption of an out-of-the-box solution and the power of a self-built one.


We understand that successful adoption of AI takes more than just technology. Our world-class team have supported companies across a range of sectors and for dozens of use cases.

Thrive in the era of AI

Decision Intelligence is here. It's the commercial application of AI to the decision making process. It empowers you to make great commercial decisions, all the time. It will change the way the world works.

Decision Intelligence: the next frontier for commercial decision making

Decision Intelligence is a new and rapidly growing category of technology that enables great commercial decision making through the application of AI. Decision Intelligence will change the way people make commercial decisions, no matter their team or role, and has been named a key strategic trend for 2022 by Gartner.

At Peak, we believe Decision Intelligence is the biggest technology movement for a generation.

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Powerful. Flexible. Connected.

Peak is an AI platform for building Decision Intelligence applications, enabling businesses to apply AI to the commercial decision making process.

With features to support both technical and commercial users, Peak makes apps widely accessible to everyone within a business, simplifying and accelerating AI adoption.

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Join the growing ranks of companies using Decision Intelligence

Applications that deliver value, fast.

Drive meaningful outcomes across profitability, efficiency and sustainability with our customisable suite of pre-built Decision Intelligence applications.

Use AI-powered views of customer behavior to improve recommendations and increase transactions.

Gain AI-powered forecasts that consider product popularity, region, stock levels, seasonality, and more.

Optimize the flow of goods through your warehouse, driving increased pick efficiency with AI-powered wave planning.

Optimize stock levels and movements between distribution centers, minimizing environmental impact.

Explore an AI-powered markdown engine, providing rebuying recommendations to maximize margin.

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences and acquire new high value customers with AI-powered advertising.

No hype, just results

Transform your business with Decision Intelligence

Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

There’s more to us than tech

Peak’s team can accelerate your AI efforts, no matter where you are on the journey.

We take a flexible approach to you and your needs. Whether you’re validating the power of AI for the first time, adopting it more widely, or transforming your business to be AI-centric, we’re here to help.

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